Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sundance Canyon -- January 10, 2009

Another beautiful hike to Sundance Canyon, this time deep in winter. Unbelievably, here in Banff the snow at the trail head wasn't deep enough to support cross-country skiing or snowshoeing, but it was just enough for a pleasant winter hike.

Closer to the canyon itself, these low bushes with the leaves still attached made for a contrast with the rest of the forest floor:

The snow was a little deeper at the canyon mouth, nice for the cross-country skiers who made the trek. I liked the look of this single track to the lonely, snow-covered picnic table...

So perfect you'd almost think the snow was photoshopped! It's strange that the only place I see any reference to miles is on old Park signs (which look so much nicer than the metal ones).

Mouth of the canyon... you can see the water swamped up around the trees on the right side of the photo, then promptly froze around the trunks...

A look up the canyon to the viewpoint/bridge..

A couple of trees had small ice crystal frozen to them, they were scattered all over the trees like nature's little decorations. This close-up didn't turn out like I'd hoped, but it's still cool to look at:

A little colour in the forest beyond the usual green and white!

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