Monday, November 9, 2009

Chester Lake -- November 29, 2008

Sometimes the overcast days are more interesting than the blue sky days. This holds especially true in winter, when the clouds meld with the snow and anything with colour or light stands out that much more.

Chester Lake, as I've mentioned before, is renowned for deep snow early in the season. In late November, when parts of the mountains were still waiting for the first real accumulation, Chester Lake trail looked as though it had seen a season's worth of snow:

Approaching the "valley":

The "valley" never ceases to amaze me:

Panorama supplied by my amazing husband:

All that snow, gently curved by the hills beneath and the wind above often looks like an ocean to me, with gently rolling waves. The clouds and sun were amazing this day:

Though the trail was nearly deserted the day we ventured out, on our way out we had a reminder we weren't alone in the forest. Some hard working critter had littered the trail with pines for later storing:

These are the winter hikes that make me forget summer....

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