Monday, August 4, 2008

The bears are out there...

This crazy long weekend (for us anyway) seems like an excellent time to mention a fabulous site:

Wildsmart tracks wildlife sightings and movements throughout the Bow Valley (generally, the area from the East Banff Park gates to Yamnuska). While the site focuses on the bear activity in the area, there is also information on cougar sightings, kill sites and aggressive elk and moose.

For anyone hiking/camping/fishing/riding/whatever in the Bow Valley area, this site is essential.

It's also worth your while to stop by, where outdoor enthusiasts can log any wildlife encounters they've had on the trail recently.

While the long weekend is coming to an end, the buffalo berries are still in season and the bears are coming lower in the valleys to get them (I read an article that said the berries are like "ice cream" to the bears). Pay extra close attention when out and about...