Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mt. Rundle

I have a serious fascination with Mt. Rundle, the towering rock that separates Banff from Canmore. I'm far from the only one -- most nature photographers from the area have any number of Mt. Rundle shots for sale.

There's something in the way the mountain seems to jut into the sky, and the sharp angle of the peak. The lines of the mountain on the north side seem to run right to the ground. The most fascinating thing about Mt. Rundle is it seems like a completely different mountain depending on where you're standing.

Mt. Rundle is the mountain on the right in the banner photo of this blog, but that's far from my favorite angle.

I drove up to the Norquay ski hill parking lot for a look at Banff from Stoney Squaw mountain. This was mid-May or so:

It is a lot greener now. Mt. Rundle is the snowy peak on the left.

I drove back down to the Trans-Canada, and took the turn-off to Vermillion Lakes. I saw at least two professional photogs camped out along this road this day.... me, I just happily snapped away, and got some of my favorite shots of my favorite mountain...