Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cold weather hiking tips

Outdoorzy.com has a link to a NYTimes article on cold weather hiking and a nice summary of the tips within: When Is It Too Cold For Outdoor Activites?.

It's a good read. The bad news is, it shoots down pretty much all of me and N's excuses on those cold Sundays (oh, except bad roads!).

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Gary Taje said...

Hi Michelle...after your comments on my blog I thought I should check out yours. Very good. Like you I am waiting with baited breath on the out come of the Land Use Framework discussions and seeing the full policy and the impact it will have on the east slopes. There is significant change needed in how we manage public lands.
Hope you enjoy your time in Crowsnest Pass when you come. Be sure to visit the Bellevue Underground Mine. The Frankslide Interpretive centre will open a new display this spring and the Coleman museum also tells the story of coal mining in the Pass.