Monday, August 27, 2007

Nihahi Ridge, take two - July 8, 2007

I'd gone on so much about Nihani Ridge that N wanted to give it a try. I'm glad we did -- there's plenty to see a second time round and it's such a great hike.

Trail details are here.

The view from the hike is still beyond words:

Even at the top, covered in shale and with a strong wind blowing a majority of the season, the hardiest of flowers come through:

I can't get enough of this view. As the trail inches toward the top, toward the actual peak that none of us were brave enough to attempt that day (my scrambling skills leave a lot to be desired), more of the range waaaay off in the distance comes into view. There is also a trail that leads along the creek seen along the bottom. One day....:

The ridge itself is very cool, mostly covered in shale and thin sheets of rock pushing up from the mountain:

And finally, the flower shots... all taken on the way down, plus the last one right at the trailhead:

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