Monday, August 27, 2007

Jumpingpound Creek - July 1, 2007

My second trip around the Jumpingpound Creek was much different than the first. Then, back in early May, only a few signs of summer were poking through the dry brown that was still left over from winter. This time -- I think we managed to hit the trail at its peak.

It wasn't just the wildflowers that made the trail seem completely new -- it was the complete change in the environment of the trail. What had been a snowy view was now sunny and rocky. What had been dry and brown was lush and green:

Shot from a slightly different viewpoint back in May, but the same range:

Same part of the trail back in May:

Along the creek these sort of differences were less notable as the trail had been fairly damp and shaded for the majority of winter and spring, and the only real change was the repair of the broken bridge across one part of the creek. However, that humidity brought something different to the creek as well. This section of the hike was amazing, and this might be one of my favorite photos from July:

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