Monday, March 22, 2010

Frank Slide Interpretive Centre -- July 4, 2009

Frank Slide Interpretive Centre sits across the valley from the slide, nestled on the edge of the slide path. The Centre recently re-opened after a year's worth of renovations and the displays are much improved. History can often be a tough thing to keep engaging (especially for the younger kids), but they do an excellent job.

The sights and sounds of the slide...

Crowsnest Pass history is fully intertwined with coal mining and there are plenty of displays and artifacts from the coal mining era. When setting the tone for the town of Frank, AB in 1903, it's impossible not to show how the men of the coal mines lived and worked.

Replicated mine shaft:

A very cool little display case showing the layout and design of the mine itself. This was so well done:

The centre is worth the drive just on its own. The history and culture, as well as the true impact of the slide are incredibly well and tastefully presented. I'll be back...

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Suzanne Perazzini said...

That looks amazing. I love it when they create displays like that. I homeschooled my son for much of his schooling and I was always on the look out for such places so that learning was made easy.