Friday, February 5, 2010

Drumheller Trail -- Drumheller, AB -- May 25, 2009

Exiting the main building of the Tyrrell Museum does not mean the fun is over. The museum also offers an interpretive path/trail. The land is so stark and dry it's tough to imagine what's left to see, but the 30-45 minute walk is well worth the trip.

(Though on a sunny day, come prepared -- there is no shade at all on the trail and the sun is unforgiving at the best of times).

One of the highlights of the path was the hoodoos -- rock and sand formations created over thousands of years. These weren't the big hoodoos -- they come later -- but that distinctive mushroom shape is so fascinating we had to stop and look:

The layers of time are unmistakable:

Two more mini hoodoos:

It's such a stark, dry land, yet somehow there are still colours everywhere:

But wait... there's more....


Suzanne Perazzini said...

I love that view of Horsethief Canyon in the post below where you can see the whole layout. You sure wouldn't want to gallop in there while trying to flee from Indians.

Michelle said...

It's definitely an awe-inspiring view that cannot be captured by mere photo and words. The prairie just suddenly opens up and there's a whole new world at your feet!