Sunday, January 11, 2009

Notes from around the world wide web -- Link Love

There are some amazing posts from some great blogs I would like to share with the world in general, so I thought I'd throw a little Sunday link love up today:

Session Magazine has a piece on the Mt. Huashan Hiking Trail in China. The photos alone are not for the weak at heart -- I can't imagine actually hiking this trail. Make sure to scroll all the way to the end... the stairs carved into the mountain is intimidating enough, but the trail built onto the side of a cliff has to be seen to be believed.

Four Corners Hikes has a look at Mesa Verde National Park in winter, with some amazing photos of ancient pueblos and kivas.

SectionHiker posted a short piece on why outdoor recreationalists need to pay more attention to dehydration in the winter. After my hike yesterday near Banff, I completely understand why.

Nature Tales and Camera Trails managed some nice shots of a bald eagle in flight. Definitely click on the photo for the hi-res view.

I'm hoping to do these sorts of round-ups weekly, to break up the monotony of everyone having to listen to me. ;-) If you know of a really good blog post that deserves some extra attention, drop me a note in the comments. Also, if anyone is interested in contributing to a blog carnival type thing, let me know.

Happy blogging!

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