Friday, May 2, 2008

Sulphur Springs Loop -- April 6, 2008

This was probably the last hike we got in before the week-long snow hit (I promise that's the last of my whining). You had to know something was in the air; when I left the house that morning, I couldn't even see 4 houses down:

Of course, by the time I drove past the ski jumps on the west side of the city, I could see blue sky ahead. Strange weather when the city is covered in fog and the mountains are clear as day.


Benjamin Burner said...

That's quite a lot of snow! I think it's somewhere in the 90s here, so some snow would be a welcome change.

Thanks for supporting efforts at blogging. It's always an encouragement. I've added a link to this blog on my own site.

Michelle said...

Actually, much to our annoyance, we got a lot more snow after that! Unusual, even for us. It's gone from the lower elevations (it's mud season!), but there are still avalanche warnings in the mountains. It's a crazy season around here!

Thanks for the link! You've got a great site and it's always great to see what others are up to (and it gives me more places I want to go hiking).

Sandpiper said...

Such gorgeous light and shadows!

Michelle said...

Thank you. A sunny day in the winter might actually be among my favorite hiking conditions. Everything is amazingly clean and crisp.