Sunday, May 18, 2008

Grassi Lakes -- May 11, 2008

I was hoping for more practice with the camera I was testing, and Grassi Lakes seemed like a good choice. When you hike it in just the right light, the natural colours of the lakes are stunning.

Grassi Lakes is just outside of Canmore (close to the Nordic Centre), and right on the border to Banff National Park, so yeah, we were expecting to snow (thanks to the incredibly late thaw this season -- or have I whined about that enough?).

However, because the temps were consistently above freezing, the snow wasn't frozen, just incredibly slushy. I didn't think we'd been able to take the path that leads alongside falling water (too frozen), or the stone staircases (too slippy), but N suggested we give it a try and it was no problem at all.

Of course, there was still plenty of snow. I don't think anyone will be using this bench for a while:

The payoff, as always, was great. I got to try the camera out on a number of different things, including those amazing lake colours. These photos don't even begin to do the area justice. A short hike, but just what we were looking for.


Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Beautiful and incredible scenery. Your photos are fantastic, obviously your camera is doing well!
Did some driving up along Kootenay National Park towards Banff this long weekend, weather was fairly nice... some thunderstorms up high otherwise very nice!

Michelle said...

Thanks Michele.... I had to return the camera (it was only a demo), but I was pretty happy.

Funny, I was thinking of driving out to Radium tomorrow. No thunder here, but I know the weather won't be staying this nice! Maybe I should hit you up for good trails nearby!

Suzanne Perazzini said...

I'd love to walk that trail. Chilly but beautiful. Can you explain that last photo. I am a little confused as to what it is. LOL.

Suzanne Perazzini said...

I wish I could come on those walks with you.
I can't quite make out the last photo. Can you explain it? Or am I being thick?

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

What lovely photos!!! You have an eye for a great shot.

Hugs, JJ

Michelle said...

Hi Suzanne, no you're not being thick. ;-) That last photo is the colours of the water at Grassi -- that's the actual water colour. It looks a little odd because the water is so clear, it's reflecting everything. If you look at the top quarter of the photo, there's the reflection line, where the mountain and trees meet the water. Everything below that is the water and reflections and colours.

It's not the best photo in terms of composition (especially when you have to explain it!), but I thought it looked cool.

JJ, thanks for the kind words, but I have a long way to go before I'm close to being as good as you. ;-)

Sandpiper said...

What wonderful pictures! I love the reflections. This place looks so peaceful.

Michelle said...

Thanks Sandpiper. It really is quiet and peaceful now. Come summer, it's one of the most popular trails in the area... so we get our time in when we can!

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

A beautiful morning to you, Michelle. :D

That frozen flower photo sure says it all to the climate changes where you live. Yowzer! Michigan had 18 degrees the other night. Glad Jeff hasn't planted much yet. Most people plant during Memorial Day weekend and that's a little early for here.

Hugs, JJ

Michelle said...

Hi JJ,

Our big planting weekend is the weekend before your Memorial weekend (Victoria Day long weekend for us), and I don't think a single person in this are dared plant a thing! Beautiful now though... plenty of photos coming from today's adventures.. it's like a complete change of seasons!

The Wandering Hermit said...

That last pic is mindblowing.. what a great shot most zen like lake ever..